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4th Year Internal Sub-Internship (UR492.01: Urological Surgery)

The UCLA Department of Urology welcomes UCLA 4th year medical students to participate in our 3 week and 4 week sub-internship clerkships.  For more information, visit the UCLA School of Medicine site for current students, and MyCourses to apply.

UCLA medical students are welcome to participate in rotations at our five hospitals that have active and busy urology programs; Ronald Regan Medical Center, Santa Monica Hospital, the Wadsworth Veterans Affairs Hospital, the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and the Olive View Medical Center.

You will be provided with an appointment to meet with the Course Director, Dr. Singer, during the first couple of days of your rotation.  During this meeting, I will provide you with additional details about the rotation, including information about your involvement in the operating room, clinics, and on the in-patient service, as well as information about our academic affairs schedule. 

Formal residency interviews for rotating sub-interns will be held during your rotation.  This will substitute for residency interviews during our two interview dates in the fall. This will be discussed in further depth during meeting with Dr. Singer.  However, please come prepared for these interviews by bringing proper attire.  In addition, please bring your white coat.  We will also arrange a formal exit interview to be held at the completion of your rotation with myself, Dr. Steven Lerman, or Dr. Mark Litwin.

MS4 Sub-Internship Catalog Information

4th Year Calendar of Weeks 

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