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Laurence R. Meyerson and Deborah L. Faiman

Investigators Travel Award for Research in Urologic Oncology and/or Renal Transplantation

We are pleased to announce the 2012-2013 Laurence R. Meyerson and Deborah L. Faiman Travel Award for Research in Urologic Oncology and/or Renal Transplantation.

This competitive award provides $2,500 to a Urology resident or fellow toward the costs of travel and registration to attend a domestic scientific meeting or conference. It has been generously funded by the philanthropy of Dr. Meyerson and Ms. Faiman. Dr. Meyerson, whose background is in medical research and drug development, graciously extends his support to education and science. Ms. Faiman’s background is in land acquisition and development, and for many years she has maintained a keen interest in supporting the advancement of applied research in urologic disease and renal transplantation.


  1. Must have an active appointment at the time of the award in the Department of Urology Residency or Fellowship Program
  2. Must be conducting research in Urologic Oncology or Renal Transplantation with an emphasis on basic science and translational research and/or emerging technologies


To apply, please send an email to Dr. Arnold I. Chin at arnoldchin@ucla.edu with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Scientific Meeting/Conference Attending, Dates, and Location
  3. Presentation Title and Abstract
  4. Projected Budget – Transportation, Lodging, Registration Fee, Meals, and Incidentals; subject to University of California travel guidelines

Previous Winner

2011-2012 - Gladys Ng, MD


The inaugural 2011-2012 Laurence R. Meyerson and Deborah L. Faiman Travel Award was given to Gladys Ng, MD, 4th year urology resident.

Dr. Ng presented her poster, "Correlation of Biopsy to Kidney Donor Profile Index (KDPI) in Donors Over Age 50" at the 2012 American Transplant Congress Conference in Boston, MA. Her poster was selected to be in the top 10% and thus was given a ribbon for being a poster of distinction.

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